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Drilling Tools Buckets Augers
Piling Tools
  • Rock and Dirt Augers, Buckets, Core Barrel from 400mm (16") to 3000mm (118")

  • CFA Continuos Flight Auger for concre pile suitable with most common brands from 250mm (10") to 2000mm (78")

  • Casing Pipes with screw and key block system joints

  • Diplacement Tools (FDP), Soil Mix

  • Tremie Pipes

Micripiling Tools
Micropiling Tools
  • Micropiling small diameter augers with hexagonal and API couplings from 63mm (2.5") to 400mm (16")

  • Casings and Friction Welded Drill Strings Rods and Rotopercussion drill pipe

  • Accessories, Pilot Bits and spare BETEK and ESCO teeth

Carandina group:
Geo Deep Drill Srl
Pentametal Srl
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